Meeting Minutes 2-10-16

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Old Southside Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting

February 2016

  1. Officer Kimberly Evans reported that there will be a meeting of all IMPD districts on
    March 9th at IU Fairbanks Hall. 340 West 10th Street, details to follow via emails from the
    various district.
  2. Chief David Hofmann was in attendance and congratulated on his new position as Chief
    of Police for the City of Lawrence
  3. There was an update on the Great Indy Cleanup scheduled for April 23rd and the Wildlife
    Habitat along the east side of Koch Electric. On that same day the Public Allies will
    paint house numbers on trashcans to help prevent theft.
  4. Tom Ward of OmniSite updated everyone on the progress of 203 W. Morris Street. They
    plan on moving in February 23rd with an Open House at a later date.
  5. Angie Calvert from SE Community Center reported there are several programs at the
    center to prepare people for the job market and it’s all free. Tutors for school children are
    always needed.
    James Shepardson reported about the classes some residents are taking at Indianapolis
    Neighborhood Resource Center. The classes meet once a month for six months and teach leadership skills.
  6. Justin Moed. The Legislature just finished the first half of session. When homes are
    abandoned it’s hard to press charges against trespassers because the owner can’t be
    found. One bill progressing through the session would change the burden to the person
    who is trespasses. This bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate for
    consideration. Justin authored a bill that has to do with food deserts. Provides funding
    to sources such as grocery stores, co-op, and farmer’s markets. Marion County leads the
    nation on pharmacy robberies. So another bill has been moving through the process that
    would help a pharmacy take more safety measures. Helping them to keep their store safe. Justin’s tree give away will be April or May.
  7. Larry Baldauf gave an overview of the Fuller Center and the Miracle on Caven Street.
    John Sauter is planning an event on March 7th for the 2016 Fuller Build. Larry mentioned
    that the 2017 National Convention for the Christian Church Disciples of Christ will be
    held in Indianapolis. There are preliminary talks about building panel walls at the
    convention center.
  8. Officer Evans answered the concerns about the presence of code enforcement and
    television reporters near Babe Denny Park recently. There have been on-going
    problems with individuals who park cars on sidewalks/in the park and collect money
    from unsuspecting people who then get towed. Officers are going to go door to door to
    inform property owners.
  9. Southeast Congress is March 24nd and will be hosted by the Old Southside. Any new
    businesses in the neighborhood will be introduced at that time. The Community Team
    Builder usually gathers this information.
  10. The next Keep Indianapolis Beautiful meeting for the Great Indy Cleanup will be be
    February 25 at 5:30 at the Parish Hall. An email reminder will be sent.
  11. It was reported that John Calloway turned 100 and there were many events to celebrate
    the occasion, such as a resolution from the City County Council, a proclamation from the
    White House, and a Sagamore of the Wabash.
  12. Representative Moed gave an update on Lenny’s appeal to the Alcohol Tobacco
    Commission for the liquor license. The hearing judge upheld the April decision of the
    ATC Commissioners. The Commissioners will hear the judges findings at one of the
    meetings in March. Lenny’s has 15 days from receipt of the letter to appeal. Would then
    go to a Civil Court.
  13. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
  14. Attendance
    1. Officer Kimberly Evans
    2. Chief David Hofmann
    3. John Bragg
    4. Larry Baldauff
    5. James Shepardson
    6. Tom Ward
    7. Peggy Ward
    8. Beatrice Miller
    9. Beverle Kane
    10. Pete Kuhns
    11. Mary Beth Kuhns
    12. Angie Calvert
    13. Guest with Angie
    14. Judith Essex
    15. Lela Gallagher
    16. Richard Essex
    17. Peter Marbaugh
    18. Representative Justin Moed

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