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Old Southside Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting

February 2017 

  1. President Judith Essex brought the meeting was brought to order at 7:04 pm.  
    1. There was a review of the November minutes and they were approved as presented.  
    2. Treasurer’s report from the Regions Bank account has a total of $1,132.
  2. IMPD Officer Brian Linares from the Southeast District was on hand to answer questions and take notes on subjects of concern.
    1. Various attendees discussed the drug activity in the neighborhood.
  3. Representative Justin Moed was present to discuss legislative activity.
    1. There is a lot of discussion about infrastructure and the various method of funding.  Rep. Moed encouraged everyone to fill out his survey that was recently mailed or fill out the on-line version at Indiana General Assembly website at . The survey’s focus this year is on the funding options for infrastructure. The infrastructure discussion led to issues about Uber and Lyft, which are non-permitted, as compared to permits required for limo’s and taxi service.  
    2. Rep. Moed gave a brief overview of the school funding formula and the complexity of that issue.  Other legislation was discussed about a bill that would require a statewide data base for certain metals sales to all scrap yards and a bill to change funding for Renew Indy houses to help fund that initiative.
  4. Councilor Jeff Miller 
    1. reported that the tax increase for mass transportation might be at risk due to neighborhood resistance.
    2. Discussed pay raise for City Council. Originally it was proposed that the un-budgeted salary increase for councilors would come from the $55 million given to the city from the State for infrastructure.  Councilor Miller is not in favor of using those designated funds.  He was in favor of the interest from those funds be used to purchase police helmets, vests and other necessary equipment.  The salary increase has been tabled for the present.
    3. School speed limit signs were discussed and how new automation may be coming to change active times for those flashing signs.
    4. Councilor Miller reported on the recent meeting of Stadium Village Business Association and Old Southside with city officials and councilors to discuss the economic development and future of the Old Southside.  There were 30 people in attendance and the meeting was held at Union 525. [former Wood High School].  An Economic Redevelopment study is to be done to determine next steps.
  5. Lisa Laflin, Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate
    1. Marion County Comprehensive Land Use Plan is due for updating.  In the past twenty years land usage has changed, zoning descriptions have changed and we need to address changes in our neighborhood.
      1. There will be a presentation at Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center Neighbor Power at Marian University on March 4th.  It will be an opportunity to express opinions on what is needed for our neighborhood and to learn more about the Citizen’s Planning Academy.  Neighbor Power is an annual event hosted by INRC with several workshops and lunch is provided.  There is no fee for the event and may register at:
    2. Lisa announced that this was her last meeting as our Neighborhood Advocate.  She has taken the position of Executive Director for West Indy Community Development Corporation.  She will be greatly missed and we wish her the best of luck in her new position.  No replacement has been named at this point in time.
  6. The Old Southside Neighborhood now has an article in the Urban Times monthly newspaper.
    1. Peter Marbach will be writing the article
    2. Deadline for submitting stories to Peter will be the 5th of each month.  
    3. Lisa Hale and James Shepardson volunteered to deliver the newspapers to their immediate neighbors.  A copy may also be picked up at Phillip 66 and Sister’s Restaurant.
  7. Neighborhood Cleanup – The Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Old Southside Great Indy Cleanup will be April 1, 2017.
    1. We need to identify specific areas of the neighborhood for clean up and determine if we need packer trucks or dumpsters.
    2. We will need to be creative in lining up volunteers.
  8. New School – Purdue Polytechnic High School will open at Wood High School this fall with a 150 students. They have a 2-year contract for space in this building.
  9. Next meeting will be March 8th, 7:00 pm at Sacred Heart Parish Hall:1125 South Meridian Street
  10. Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

Submitted by Richard Essex

Click here to read the March 2017 meeting minutes

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