Meeting Minutes 3-9-16

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Old Southside Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting

March 2016

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Secretary Shannon Dugan – October Minutes (Emailed)
    1. Minutes Approved
  3. Treasurer Herb Floyd’s Report
    1. Current Balance in Account – $??? (Not present for the amount stated)
  4. IMPD (5-10 minutes)
    1. Officer read through monthly IMPD report with pertinent information for the
      neighborhood, including windows shot out at greenhouse, JP Parker Florist, 1115 S.
    2. Nixle social media website mentioned – – IMPD has gone to this platform for distributing information to the public vs. sending emails
      1. If have SmartPHone – type in 888777 in To: field and in Message box, type in zip code and hit send and it will automatically sign you up for SE district
    3. New Captain – Becky Lake – SouthWest District
  5. Monthly Reports (15 minutes)
    1. Councilor Jeff Miller
      1. Dept. of Public Safety is looking to have a big reorganization shift at the top
      2. Mayor Hogsett wants both Police Chief and Fire Chief to both report directly to him which will require a change in the law, which the city council are working on. There will be multiple public meetings held to discuss this. Will not be voted on until the end of March.
      3. Regarding to neighborhood redevelopment – Miller sits on LandBank committee.
        1. Judith reviews all of these proposals, ideas, requests, etc. and forwards them to Miller. Miller feels the old southside neighborhood is next, ready to explode.
    2. Lisa Laflin
      1. City admin still a bit slow w/ new admin
      2. Pothole season; please call them in. Cold mix is still being used
      3. Burnt out house on Charles is finally gone. Owner is Mt. Helix
  6. Guests
    1. Julia Weise – Garfield Park – Market Master for Farmers Market
      1. Begins May 7th –
      2. Runs through end of October Every Saturday from 9:00am -12:30pm
      3. Located in parking lot next to tennis courts
      4. Have a little bit of room left
      5. Could use some more produce vendors
      6. Accept SNAP and FreshBucks
    2. Kevin – Public Allies
      1. Jane Jacobs Walk
      2. Series of walk-ins/transits/tours/biking to help people get in touch w/ their community
      3. Help people find resources and get in touch w/ their community
      4. Working w/ KIB and the Great Indy Cleanup on 4/23
    3. David Buchanan – Chair Art Committee
      1. Given grant for artwork to improve area’s visual appeal
      2. Improve mural and continue it
      3. Several abandoned buildings on Meridian St. – paint on boarded plywood on abandoned houses
    4. Concerns regarding Brightwell’s request for a parking lot paving variance for the green space, between Talbott St., the railroad tracks and Terrace Ave. Reject for various reasons including
      1. Get clarification from both Kingen and Brightwell as to who will park in the parking lot
      2. Wait for something better to come along
      3. Detrimental to the future of the neighborhood
      4. Current residents are against it
      5. Judith is going to go to Stadium Village Business Association meeting next Wednesday, March 16th to try and ensure that SVBA doesn’t NOT support the parking lot
    5. Went over area map to discuss general ideas of what should be done with various areas of the neighborhood
  7. Next Meeting: April 13th, Sacred Heart Parish Hall 7:00pm
  8. Adjourn

Download a PDF copy of the minutes here

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