Meeting Minutes 4-13-16

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Old Southside Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting

April 2016

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm. March minutes were emailed and there were no corrections
  2. Treasurer Herb Floyd reported that we had a balance of $833.81 but he had written a check for $100 to pay our membership fee to the Southeast congress and had deposited some membership money
  3. Reports
    1. Land Use
      1. David Kingen of Kingen Zoning Consultants was present on behalf of JB Construction regarding property at 1351 S. Talbott Street. A variance has been requested from I-­‐4U zoning to allow for a parking lot. Discussion ensued, both for and against proposed parking lot. It was proposed that the lot meet newly effective zoning rules (as of 4/1/16) such as trees every 35ft of the perimeter on Terrace and Talbott and to have more interior landscaping. The new owners, Mr. Daryl Mendenhall of Washington Alliance Capitol was agreeable to these suggestions. He suggested that there could be a possible partnership with the neighborhood association to do parking for Colts games on the lot as a fundraiser opportunity. The company will need to determine the liability of such an arrangement. A motion was made to approve the parking lot. Motion carried.
    2. IMPD
      1. Officer Bob Tryon from SE District. Question about new No Parking signs aroud the Babe Denny Park. Councilor Miller explained the process that took place with the neighbors and the attempt to control the illegal parking that takes place during events at Lucas Oil Stadium. Concerns were raised about parking during the Annual Babe Denny Picnic in August. The suggestion was mae to bring the parking  issue to the SE Congress parking committee.
    3. Elected Officials
      1. State Representative Justin Moed Legislative report. State purchased Valspar lot for parking for Colts games and special events
      2. City Councilor Jeff Miller – Reported on City Council activities and more clarification on the parking at the Babe Denny Park
  4. Updates & Announcements
    1. Concord fundraiser with Brenda WIliams April 22 at Anthenaeum
    2. Mad Max Rally in the neighborhood April 30
    3. Reminder of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Great Indy Clean Up April 23, 2016
    4. Houses to be raised in the neighborhood
    5. Decision of Alcohol Tobacco Commission on Lenny’s liquor license April 19
    6. Letter of support for Lisa Laflin to be rehired
    7. Jesse campaign speech
  5. Next meeting set for 5-11-16, 7:00pm at Sacred Parish Hall
  6. Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.

Download a PDF copy of the minutes here

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