Meeting Minutes 5-11-16

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Old Southside Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting

May 2016

  1. Call Meeting to Order: May 11, 2016 @ 7:00pm
  2. Secretary Shannon Dugan – April Minutes (Emailed)
    1. Minutes Approved
  3. Treasurer Herb Floyd’s Report
    1. Current Balance in Account – $1298.14, as of May 2, 2016
    2. Deposited $490 from the Mad Max Rally
    3. Mad Max paid for the Port-A-Potties
    4. Annual Dues are DUE!
      1. Annual Dues are $10 per year, for Residents
      2. Annual should be paid within the first quarter, if possible, to assist with annual
  4. Reports (20 minutes)
    1. IMPD – Kimberly Evans
      1. Downtown District just got their own narcotics unit
      2. Tom Dale will be doing the Meridian St. Corridor beautification project on
        May 17th, at 5:30pm. Will be meeting at MCA.
      3. Crime Alert sent today, Wednesday, May 11th, around Fletcher Place, in an
        apartment complex, as a few robberies occurred
      4. Drone Ordinance that requires a waiver
    2. Elected Officials
      1. Jeff Miller
        1. Monday night referendum for mass transit vote to appear on the
          November ballot.
        2. 25% of income increase is what we would pay, i.e. $100 per year
        3. Art for Neighborhoods passed. Get 1% of your budget dedicated
          1. Has to be public art
          2. At least 50% has to be in low-income neighborhoods
        4. Cat Ordinance passed
        5. Money to IMPD to increase diversity
      2. Lisa Laflin
        1. Mayor’s Neighborhood SENIOR Advocate
        2. Keep calling in the high weeds and grass
        3. Mayor signed executive order on lifting the street light moratorium,
          so that 100 new street lights will be installed in the next 30 days
  5. Announcements
    1. Putting up butterflies on the Madison Ave. pedestrian crosswalk, Friday, May
      13th, from 2-4pm
    2. Mad Max Rally – Ken Carter – House of Trepidation allowed riders and such to
      go under his cover. If weather hadn’t been bad, there would have been more
      bikers and said they would be back next year
    3. Having Property Showcase Saturday, June 25th
    4. We will have a booth at the Indy Pride Festival. Working with INRC on
    5. Received $2500 grant money from INRC, which is being used to assist with the
      Property Showcase on June 25th and also help in providing food
    6. Presentation of Indy Great Places 2020. We are working to become one of the next three neighborhoods chosen
  6. Adjourn
    1. Next Meeting: June 8th, Sacred Heart Parish Hall 7:00pm

Download a PDF copy of the minutes here

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