Indianapolis Development Guided by Land Use Plan Revisions

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Indianapolis Development, so hot right now

The city has big ideas and is showing them off by implementing six Technical City Plans as part of its Bicentennial Agenda. One of those plans is revising the existing Land Use Plan. What will the future of Indianapolis Development look like and what’s all this mean?

 Bicentennial Agenda

The Bicentennial Agenda, aka Plan 2020, outlines the positive impact of investing in people to make Indianapolis a stronger community. It’s a BHAG aimed at creating a bigger better Indy! For more details about Plan 2020 (all 132 pages worth!) →Download the Indianapolis Bicentennial Agenda here

Now that you know all about Plan 2020, lets get back to the land Plan.

Indianapolis Land Use Plan

Indy’s revised Land Use Plan (let’s call it LUP), has the potential to dramatically improve conditions in the city’s most environmentally burdened neighborhoods, like the Old Southside. 

The LUP includes objectives and policies for land use development in Indianapolis. The LUP also dictates future zoning to promote orderly redevelopment of Marion County.

The planning process can be lengthy and is expected to take up to 18 months. Here’s a look at the LUP timeline compliments of Plan2020  :

indianapolis development land use planning timeline

Get involved in the process

Many people are involved in the planning process including the Hoosier Environmental Council. HEC is assembling the Environmental Equity Task Force to develop recommendations for the Indy LUP. More information is available here.

Indianapolis development affects all of us. So, what can you do?

Submit your Recommendations

Help the Environmental Equity Task Force and let them know your community needs. What’s important to you? What features would you like to see (or not see!) in your neighborhood? Example recommendations:

  • Land use decisions should consider the health risks to nearby populations
  • All persons affected by a land use decision should have a voice in that decision
  • Development projects must preserve or add trees

Submit your ideas to Paula Brooks ( or Indra Frank ( at the Hoosier Environmental Council.

Commit your Neighborhood

Once the report is finalized (summer 2017), have your neighborhood association sign on/agree to follow the Task Force’s recommendations.

The Old Southside neighborhood is on board! Join the neighborhood Association to learn more

Join People’s Planning Academy

The goal of this exciting new program is to empower residents to be stronger advocates for the places they care about. The People Planning Academy was established by the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) in partnership with the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC). 

The People’s Planning Academy is really an opportunity for the average citizen to weigh in on the future of the city. With our neighborhood having one of the more serious environmental issues, we need to step up and be a part of the solution.

– Judith Essex, President Old Southside Neighborhood Association

The People’s Planning Academy will provide participants with a basic knowledge of  Indianapolis development and planing principles, as well as in-depth training on the Pattern Book, Marion County’s new land use classification system.

Visit People’s Planning Academy site to learn more and sign up!

Hey Indy, progress looks good on you.

Updates on environmental issues in the 2017 Indiana legislative session can be found at watch-2017/

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